Rezola Growth Black Tea-Black tea is the tea most people know since you likely grew up dipping tea bags of black tea in your cup. It is the most Rezola Growth commonly consumed tea in the world especially in the west and is the most processed of the four types. This kind of tea is unlike green tea, it is a fermented tea, which is harvested and dried that gives black teas their characteristic flavour. This tea retains its flavours for several years while green tea usually loses its Silky Hairs flavour within a year. Indoor it was, and dollar bills there were, over 50,000 of them, to be exact. To walk through the piano bar and into the rear screened dining porch is akin to entering a cave made of money. Dollar bills wave in the island breeze, some are yellowing, some are covering other dollar bills, and all of them have two things in common: names written on them in black magic marker and lots and lots of masking tape.

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